Aylesbury's Best Outdoor Bootcamp

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Aylesbury's Best Outdoor Bootcamp

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Whether you’re looking to get fit for the first time or push your performance to the next level, our fun and friendly fitness instructors will challenge and motivate you! They will look after you from the very start, building your fitness and confidence along the way. All sessions cater for all fitness levels.











 Friendly Local Groups

Train with a friendly group at one of our bootcamp locations across Aylesbury and Aston Clinton and let us help you achieve your fitness goals! Your instructors are very friendly, cheeky, and motivational and will make sure they get the very best out of every individual.

 Different Locations

All of our sessions are spread across different locations around Aylesbury and we use a variety of equipment ranging from kettlebells to battle ropes, logs, and tyres. At The Fitness Division we pride ourselves on being a big family! Everyone looks after one another and great friendships have be found. We are the Aylesbury Army!






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Why Train With Us?



Functional training workouts

Our outdoor bootcamp sessions offer an unrivalled way to improve your health and fitness. By using body weight exercises, a wide selection of equipment, and natural terrain our bootcamps will not only improve your fitness and strength but also improve you physical and mental resilience.


Our instructors are fun, tough, and friendly!

Get the benefits of being mentally and physically pushed while having fun at the same time in our group exercise classes!


Bootcamp uses a variety of different equipment

Using different equipment keeps sessions fresh and interesting and fun whilst working out!


Guaranteed results or your money back

Training with us a minimum of 3 times a week in our bootcamp sessions and studio classes will guarantee fitness improvements!


Free nutritional advice

Ask your instructors about a balanced diet and the correct types of food you should be eating. Advice is always free!


Regular social events

We get together every few months for a few drinks or food to socialise. Perfect way to make new friends!

Gareth Steele

Owner of The Fitness Division

G has a passion for bootcamp! He believes that there is no better way to improve your fitness.

G’s mission is to improve both your physical fitness and mental fitness. He wants to make you stronger, fitter, and boost your confidence.

His background as a personal trainer and correctional exercise specialist means that he will help you move more efficiently, by ensuring that you perform exercises correctly.

Every session is different so you’ll never get bored.

G believes that training outside gives you a resilience that you cannot get from training inside. His Bootcamps run all year in all weather conditions, put simply outdoor training will make you tough.

G’s qualifications include…

 Level 3 Personal Trainer
 Level 3 Outdoor Group Exercise
 Correctional Exercise Specialist
 Woman’s Exercise Specialist
 Senior Exercise Specialist
 Youth Exercise Specialist

When G trains he goes hard! He trains using a mixture of traditional strength methods with strongman training. For fun G likes nothing more than an obstacle race, or a beer and a big steak.

All of our instructors are fully insured, vetted, and qualified. Our strengths are being able to see the potential in every different client and to get the maximum out of them every time. We’re fun, cheeky, enthusiastic and very passionate about helping people achieve their goals!

Bootcamp Pricing


Full Bootcamp Membership

Join The Fitness Division and train with a friendly group of people at one of our bootcamp locations across Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

All of our sessions are spread across different locations around the area and we use a variety of equipment ranging from kettlebells to battle ropes, logs, and tyres! Let us help you achieve your fitness goals.

 Full Bootcamp Membership £40/month (unlimited sessions and free nutritional advice) Sign up with ClubWise below.

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 Student/Ex-Military/OAP Membership £32/month (unlimited sessions) Please contact for more information and payment methods.

Bootcamp Timetable

Please find our bootcamp timetable on our dedicated Timetable page.

Session Fees

Please find our single and block session fees and pricing list below.

 Single Sessions £10.00
 Block of 5 sessions £40.00
 Block of 10 sessions £70.00
 Yearly membership £400.00

 Personal Training POA

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“For someone who struggles with motivation, Bootcamp has really kept me going. Each class is fun, totally different each time and Gareth and all the members have been so encouraging and friendly. After a couple of months, I’ve really noticed my fitness improve already.”

~ Georgina

“The Fitness Division really is the best bootcamp training in the area, and all held entirely outside (Which is very appealing in current times). I actually left last year due to other commitments, and I found it left such a massive gap in my life and I was unable to find any other training I loved as much so went back.

Gareth is a great trainer and it doesn’t matter whether you are super fit or not fit at all, he knows how to ensure you get the most out of your sessions and push you to that next level. It always helps me mentally and physically and I am enjoying getting fit again.

It’s always tough, but fun and Gareth and all the members are so friendly and encouraging.”

~ Kate R.

“Anyone interested in trying something new, inventive, different and wants to take their fitness to another level should come along and get involved. It’s AMAZING!!”

~ Paul

The Fitness Division

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